An advanced form of hydroponics, aeroponics grows plants in a high humidity environment without the use of soil. Instead, our plants’ roots hang in a chamber of nutrient rich mist that provides everything a plant needs without requiring it to expend unnecessary energy. This allows plants to grow much faster than their soil-based counter parts while using less water; typically 95% less in the case of most lettuce.

While aeroponics has been used as a research tool for 60+ years, it has only recently begun to gain traction as a viable method for farming at scale. We’re hoping our technology brings the initial setup and maintenance cost down to a point where scale can be realized.

Heavy Water Aero LLC.

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The Team

The Plants

Choosing what to grow is tough.

  • Baby Spinach

    18-25 Days

    Quick to grow and extremely nutritious, Baby Spinach is one of our primary plants used for testing as it often yields results within two week.

  • Butterhead Lettuce

    23-32 Days

    Butterhead is very useful for testing our larger, individualized growing fixtures. They also provide a good platform for testing various lighting conditions as they react relatively quickly.

  • Wasabi Root

    7-8 Months

    Wasabi is one of our primary goals with the project. Its difficulty to grow and sensitivity to environmental change makes it an ideal candidate for aeroponics.

Open Positions

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  • Systems Engineer

    Boulder, CO

    PLC/Software Controls Engineer is primarily responsible for supporting all PLC design aspects through the entire design and commissioning process...

  • General Inquiry

    Boulder, CO

    Drop us your resume if you're interested and think you can contribute.